Sadlers Thin Ice (4.5%)

Asda 4 for  £5

Smell            :8
Taste            :14
Aftertaste    :18
Drinkability  :19                 Total:67

Once more I’m perplexed! Another pale ale which feels the desire to make reference to the place of origin from where its water was drawn. At least with Hereford having a logical guess on a map with a pin is a possibility.
This is a Pacific Pale Ale. The Pacific is an expanse of water of massive proportions. Plus Oceans are salty! If drinking this beer whilst eating chips just ask for vinegar. If you reside in Bet Lynch land you’re alright you can still have gravy.
The water for this must have been drawn from a fault line/ tectonic plate because as you pour it spits and roars as if an active volcano.
Then it just ticks all the boxes. Looks are fine included is a whitened head.
You inhale and discover its laced with a faint hint of oranges, which is good enough.
The taste similar to the smell is citrussy but is not quite good enough. Your left with an aftertaste which lingers for a good 2 minutes ( a party hanger on you don’t depise). Your tonsils are appreciative of its longevity.
Thin Ice is drinkable and OK. But there lies my problem! Lots of ticks as it hits the standard, hint its above average scoring. I can stand one element being naff it another is dreamlike. So it’s unlikely this will be nestled in my Supermarket trolley along with the Black Sheep Ale and Jaffa Cakes.
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar


Tribute Cornish Pale Ale (4.2%)

4 for £5 Asda

Smell           :7
Taste           :15
Aftertaste   :15
Drinkability :24            Total:70

I love Cornwall but never visit enough. I love this beer and have enjoyed it on numerous occasions but never enough.
My excuse for not visiting is distance. My home as you should now will be well aware lies in the Midlands. But I’ve no logical reason for not drinking more Tribute, it’s just sheer laziness.
Prior to pouring I’m bombarded with volume of conjured images. Tribute was tasked with a hellish gig.The expectations being forced by my mind were approaching giddy.
Then forward comes this preening peacock of an ale, which struts with an assured arrogance.
A striking head cloaks a beer of stunning clarity which to its middle is held a plume of joyful liveliness.
Your entwined as you revel in its simplicity, picking up the malt. It’s supposed to taste fruity. If that is so it’s unspectacular. But if that was the weak wash then prepare for its accomplishment, a wonderously aggressive backwashing wave of aftertaste. This caresses and scrapes the landscape of your mouth whilst kissing it in a relishable froth.
As drinkable as Black Sheep! This session ale I’ll return to again and again and again and……… where are my surfboard, wetsuit and toethongs.
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar.

Wye Valley HPA (4.0%)

4 for  £5 Asda

Appearance :4
Smell            :8
Taste            :15
Aftertaste    :10
Drinkability  :22                Total :59

The PA stands for Pale Ale. Cool that’s useful to know. The H is for Hereford. I have little interest or need in its place of origin.
With certain items knowledge about its place of origin is advantageous. Yorkshire Tea ( so hard it turns you into Nora Batty). Lancashire Hotpot  ( so Northern that you transform into Bet Lynch).
Gaze at this offering and conclude it looks aesthetically displeasing. So bad the Hereford Tourist Board  looked, tiptoed away and distanced itself by hiding in the Welsh hills. Truthfully this is muddy water.
Once upon a time I resided in another part of Birmingham next to a canal. This canal looked squalid and smelled stagnant.
But this doesn’t.  It casts a wonderous smell, a citrussy heaven. Such a potent aroma drifts me to dreams of youth standing next to Mom in the greengrocers.
Any lifting of the mood is trampled by a taste and aftertaste which mimic flat lager. Quick tip buy a can of Carling, pour and leave over night then drink.
In defence of HPA it smacks of being a versatile beer which could accompany most meals. I could drink 5 or 6 of these but I could easily drink 5 or 6 Carling then fall over.
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar.

Shepherd and Neame Indian Pale Ale (6.1%)

Asda 4 for  £5

Appearance :8
Smell            :7
Taste            :17
Aftertaste    :12
Drinkability  :15            Total :58

After my latest encounter with an IPA cautiously I tread towards this review. Gently dip that toe in the water.
Suspicions should never have

encroached my thoughts. That last IPA was undoubtedly a rogue. This beer mustered for parade adorned with a golden brown complexion. Attention was duly summoned by a clarity so stunning it’s in HD. With a slow elegant precision the head forms into a velvety cushion of regal yellow hue.
Although not strong the smell is held by hops and a touch of yeast. Hops gladly dominating as they should.
An aftertaste which although similar to the taste burns with a pronounced keeness. A downside is that the aftertaste washes away too rapidly.
Personally endured similar sufferage during the early nineties. At the disco I’m on the dancefloor with what I believed was a receptive female thinking “I’m in!” Next she hears the first chord of a song and says “I don’t like this one.” Before you could counter with “Who doesn’t like Steps?” she’d be sat back down sucking on a Bacardi Breezer through a straw.
This is rather pleasant and drinkable  (The IPA not the Bacardi Breezer. I was more of a 20/20 man truth come out.)
Yet nestled in the darkest dankest parts of my mind are recollections of superior IPA’s. Are any frequenting the bargain aisles of supermarkets? I’m not sure. So I’ll have to find out.
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar.

Imperial IPA by Tower Brewery (5%)

Lidl  £1.49

Appearance :7
Smell            :8
Taste            :8
Aftertaste    :5
Drinkability  :3           Total :31

My highlight of last year’s visit to the Birmingham Beer Festival was a wonderous tasting session I attended. It concentrated solely on IPA’s. Our host was delightful, she actively encouraged us to say it as we felt it. Nobody’s view was wrong.
Truly enlightened one left with an appreciation of the fun of beer tasting (stumble stumble) and IPA’s.
So imagine the first time on my blog adventure being confronted by an IPA. It gripped me, this boy stood there with a stare transfixed. Taken truly by its bounded energy.
An aroma of waxy oranges was drawn into my receptive lungs. Even though this IPA had a similar look to cider I was not to be deterred.
Braced myself for I considered was to be a defining moment. But then met a violation via an onslaught of my senses.
The taste endured was vile. Acidic to its core, so destroying my desire for the discovery of an aggressive hoppiness!
I’d been nullified. The aftertaste insisted on creating a disagreeable relationship with my pallet to.
Another illuminating Forfar confession. I’ve eaten PVA glue. I’m a mucky pup and this was an accident it’s not like I’m addicted to the stuff. PVA glue has not got a nice taste! To affirm this it’s never been used as an ingredient on Masterchef. Also never has a brewer declared ” You know what flavour of beer no one has ever made? PVA glue!” Tower Brewery, Imperial IPA’s creators, there’s a good reason for that!
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar.

Wychwood Goliath (4.2%)

Lidl £1.25

Appearance :7
Smell            :7
Taste            :15
Aftertaste    :16
Drinkability  :20      Total :65

Come hither cheeky beer of chestnut hue, bestowed with commanding head of yellow stainage. Reminds me of the dodgy Coventry City away kit of the 1970’s.
A violent twisting flume of bubbles fight actively within the glass. Truly a lively number blessed with fun, fun and a extra dollop of fun. Drawing in, I the drooling fool encounter a fine but not overbearing happy smell.
The taste is a touch plain. But is aftertaste hits then develope as would popping candy with a frenetic burst.
Being blessed with an overall pleasantness quaffing lots of this would not be a task many would shy from. But I have the same feeling for it as I do Southern Comfort. Drank 3/4  of a bottle once and it put me off forever. If I drank too much Goliath the same effect would probably ensue. So it’s on the list with Southern Comfort and Pot Noodle. Ate 3 Pot Noodles in one sitting once. An allergic reaction developed causing my nose to swell like an elephants undercarriage.  Thinking aloud. I should have a slumber party. The menu? Goliath and Pot Noodle with a Southern Comfort aperitif.
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar.

Hatherwood Ruby Rooster (3.8%)

Appearance :8
Smell            :6
Taste            :9
Aftertaste    :7
Drinkability  :8           Total: 38

Lidl 90p

My advice in one word………..”Don’t!” This beer was truly terrible. If your wondering why write in the past tense? Because I’ll never drink it again. Any association between myself and this beer in the present tense has truly ceased. My last review ended with a statement that if offered I never refuse, so not to offend. This beer is not included as manners will only go so far.
It had its pluses, cheapness mainly.
It’s a deceptive bugger. Flattering itself with its sassy appearance, amplified by its reddened glow framed immaculately by the light.
Once that moment had passed the experience was a chore. I’d barely describe it as a sad tired bitter. A taste was not present.
The label proudly echoed the hallowed words “Craft beer.” Substitute craft for a similar sounding word.
So if I’m to measure the best beers to “Black Sheep” then its opposite standard shall be “Ruby Rooster.” The champion for the bilgewater brigade.
For helping define reference points for scoring and conformity, to Ruby Rooster  I hail “Thankyou.” Also I’m indebted as you’ve just reminded me I need to clean my drains.
I’ll be seeingyall. Forfar.